Men's Counseling - Justin Lioi - Brooklyn, NY

Counseling For New Dads

Have you recently become a father? How does it feel to be a new dad? Overwhelming? You’re not alone. Do you lie awake worrying about making mistakes? Do you feel guilty whenever you’re in a room with other dads who seem to “get it”? Has your relationship with your partner changed? Do you find that you are in a bad mood or irritated more often?

Counseling For Men

Do you wonder why your relationships are up and down and are you tired of not knowing which end is up? Maybe things slowed down or totally fizzled in your current relationship and you’re wondering what you can do about it.

Relationship Counseling for Guys

Do you worry that you’ll always be alone? Or maybe feel alone even though you have a partner? Are you tired of the pitying look in your roommate’s eyes when you come home from yet another failed OKCupid date? You’re not alone…

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