Should I Talk to Men's Counselor? | Justin Lioi, LCSW - Brooklyn, NY

For each question click one answer. (Please note that this is not designed to diagnose anything--we're just looking to see if talking to someone would be helpful.)

Do you get angry for no apparent reason?  pixabay going out alone

Have people you care about (girlfriend, wife, partner, friends) told you that you should be more “emotional” or "sensitive"?

Have you been told that you use sarcasm too much?

Do you find that you often feel “numb” or “checked out”?

Do you enjoy your job?

Has anyone ever told you that you should go to counseling?

If you are NOT in a relationship, do you want to be?

If you're NOT in a relationship, are you always the “nice guy” that women aren’t interested in dating?
If you are in a relationship do you argue a lot?
If you are in a relationship, do you trust your partner?

Would you be willing to meet with someone to talk about yourself?

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