#RelationshipGoals for 2018 | Justin Lioi, LCSW - Brooklyn, NY

I was asked to contribute to an article on working on relationship issues in the new year. The article on Marriage.com put together a nice group of relationship experts and I’m glad to be among them.

I was particularly drawn to any of the New Year’s goals that included your partner–co-creating those ideas, so to speak. We try to do so much on our own. So many of the guys I work with have as a core issue their discomfort with relying on others, or to use a dangerous word: dependence.

While there’s much more to say about what that word conjures up (hint: weakness) and how there’s value in embracing this a bit more in order to deepen relationships, it’s enough for now to remember that your relationship is about more than one person. Because you can’t fix your relationship alone. You can’t make great changes in your relationship all on your own. You also can’t sustain an awesome relationship without including your partner in what makes it awesome.

Anyway, here are 22 Expert Tips to Fix Old Relationship Issues in the New Year. Excited to hear what you think!

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